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African Business Solutions Provider is an IT and Business professional services Company offering digital platforms, products and services that transform and enhance businesses.

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Software Development

Systems Integration

Have systems you wish could communicate with each other? Let our experienced systems architects and integrators design and implement a solution tailor-made to address your specific needs.

Mobile Apps (Android, iOS)

Have a great idea for a mobile application? Let us bring it to life, have it listed on Apple and Google App Stores and watch your idea work at its best. We`ll provide consulation, design, development and deployment services.

Web & Desktop Application Development

We have solid experience developing cross-platform and platform targetted applications regardless of whether we`re using web technologies or desktop

Turn-Key Solutions

Our turn key solutions are engineered with flexibility in mind as well as backed by thorough industry research to ensure you`re following best practice and compliant with industry standards.

Cloud Solutions

We develop solutions that are cloud ready. Whether you prefer AWS, Azure, GCP or your own private cloud, we have experience deploying solutions in all major environments.

ICT & Business Professional Services

Digitalization Strategies

Whether you`re transitioning from paper based, manual processes or you`ve already made the move to digital but are looking to improve the process, we can can come up with best soluitions for you and help you transition smoothly

Social Media management & content creation

No organisation is complete in this age without social media presence.. We help you structure a comprehensive social media strategy. To complete the operation, we also create content to help you engage your clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Competition is stiff and visibility is important. We have proven experience in improving search engine rankings. We employ various search engine friendly practices to give you more visibility.

ICT Audits

Through our established partnerships, we can also offer comprehensive financial and ICT audits for your organisation and also recommend and assist you in implementing corrective measures to improve your compliance levels